Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

STOREPgrants 2019: Apply! (deadline: February 10)


STOREP is pleased to announce the launch of two grants (of 2,000 EUR each) for 2019.

STOREP members are invited to submit innovative small-scale research projects that fall into one or more of the following three categories:
1. research projects in the history of political economy, the history of economic thought, and the history of economics;
2. research projects exploring economic issues on an interdisciplinary basis;
3. research projects explicitly promoting heterodox approaches to economic theory.

Proposals are scrutinized on their quality and relevance by a selection committee composed of three members nominated by the Executive Committee, avoiding any conflict of interest. In the event that the selection committee considers none of the proposal worthy of funding, the grant budget is retained for the next year.

The deadline for submitting proposals is February 10, 2019.

Awards recipients must commit themselves to publicly illustrate the results of their research by presenting a full paper in the coming STOREP Conference or in the one after that, and to submit it for publication in the STOREPapers Series. This keeps principles and rules of the grant initiative to a minimum:

  1. Only STOREP members can apply for the grants; members of the Executive Committee cannot submit proposals.
  2. STOREP members who wish to participate must send to a research proposal (Microsoft Word, see below), or extended abstract of the paper that applicants are expected to write and discuss at a forthcoming STOREP conference;
  3. Winners receive 50% of the funding when the proposal is accepted, and 50% after submitting their paper for presentation in the STOREP Annual Conference.
  4. The proposal must include:
    1. title;
    2. problem statement and objectives (500 words), sources and secondary literature (50o words), expected results (250 words);
    3. five keywords;
    4. JEL codes;
    5. Affiliation and short biographical notes (max. 200 words):
    6. 2 relevant publications broadly related to the proposed subject;
    7. other researchers eventually involved.

See also the STOREPgrants page on this website.

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