STOREP 2022: INET-STOREP Initiative

Economics and the Economic System: The Ecological Transition
19th STOREP Annual Conference
Università della Tuscia, Viterbo, 26-28 May 2022

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Pre-conference events: Peter Söderbaum invited lecture
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Peter Söderbaum
Understanding sustainability economics. The examples of health and environment

Peter Söderbaum is professor emeritus at Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden. He has previously been employed at the two departments of economics and management science (business economics) of Uppsala University, and for 20 years at the Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala.

Söderbaum has contributed to journals such as Journal of Economic Issues, Ecological Economics, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Philosophical Economics, Economic Thought, Pluralism and Economics Education.

His books include:

Ecological Economics. A Political Economics Approach to Environment and Development (2000),

Understanding Sustainability Economics. Towards Pluralism in Economics (2008),

Positional Analysis for Sustainable Development. Reconsidering Policy, Economics and Accounting (2017, with Judy Brown and Malgorzata Dereniowska),

Economics, ideological orientation and democracy for sustainable development (2018).

The first three books are published by Routledge, London, the fourth by World Economics Association (WEA), Bristol, UK.