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20th STOREP Annual Conference, Bari, 15-17 June 2023
Rethinking Economic Policies: The Role of the State in the post-Covid-19
Invited speakers: Chiara Saraceno, Pasquale Tridico; Maria Pia Paganelli (Raffaelli Lecture)
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19th STOREP Annual Conference, Viterbo, 26-28 May 2022
Economics and the Economic System: The Ecological Transition
Invited speakers: Clive L. Spash, Renée Prendergast (RL)
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18th STOREP Annual Conference, Varese (online), 17-18 June 2021
Law and Economics. History, Institutions, Public Policies
Invited speakers: Katharina Pistor, Steven G. Medema (RL)
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17th STOREP Annual Conference, Roma (online), 1-2 October 2020
The Power of Economic Ideas
Invited speakers: Amos Witztum, Sheila Dow (RL)
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16th STOREP Annual Conference, Siena, 27-29 June 2019
The Social Rules! Norms, Interaction, Rationality
Invited speakers: Alan Kirman, Richard Arena (RL)
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15th STOREP Annual Conference, Genova, 28-30 June 2018
Whatever Has Happened to Political Economy?
Invited speakers: Geoffrey M Hodgson, Harro Maas (RL)
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14th STOREP Annual Conference, Piacenza, 8-10 June 2017
Investments, Finance, and Instability 
Invited speakers: L Randall Wray, Marco Dardi (RL)
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13th STOREP Annual Conference, Catania, 23-25 June 2016
Engines of Growth and Paths of Development in the Minds of Analysts, Policy Makers and Human Beings
Invited speaker: Deirdre N. McCloskey
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12th STOREP Annual Conference, Torino, 11-13 June 2015
Shifting Boundaries. Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity
Invited speakers: John B. Davis, Viktor Vanberg
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11th STOREP Annual Conference, Bergamo, 26-28 June 2014
The Many Facets of Economics and Its History: Global and Local Approaches
Invited speakers: Roger E. Backhouse, Kevin B. Hoover
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10th STOREP Annual Conference, Gaeta, 31 May – 2 June 2013
How Much is Too Much: Different Approaches to Consumption and Leisure
Invited speakers: Maxine Berg, Edward Skidelsky
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9th STOREP Annual Conference, Padova, 1-3 June 2012
Federalism and Integration. The Economic Thought Facing Local Dimensions and Global Challanges
Invited speakers: Jan Kregel, Wallace Oates
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8th STOREP Annual Conference, Minervino di Lecce, 9-11 June 2011
Economic Development and Local Cohesion: Converging Goals?
Invited speaker: Robert Leonard
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7th STOREP Annual Conference, Trento, 30 May – 1 June 2010
The Shifting Boundaries between Public and Private in Economics
Invited speakers: Roberto Artoni, Roger E. Backhouse, Meghnad Desai
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6th STOREP Annual Conference, Firenze, 3-4 June 2009
Financial Crises in the Economists’ View
Invited speaker: Innocenzo Cipolletta
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5th STOREP Annual Conference, Roma, 6-7 June 2008
Evolution of Market Theories
Invited speakers: Sunanda Sen, Gianni Toniolo

4th STOREP Annual Conference, Pollenzo, 1-3 June 2007
Economic Institutions: Ideas, History, and Theories
Invited speakers: Marcello De Cecco, Alan Kirman, Stan Metcalfe, Paul Ormerod, Michele Salvati

3rd STOREP Annual Conference, Lecce, 1-3 June 2006
Keynesian “Welfare State” Policies in the Past and Present
Invited speaker: Axel Leijonhufvud

2nd STOREP Annual Conference, Siena, 3-4 June 2005
The Theory of Decision in the History of Economics
Invited speakers: Robert Dimand, Massimo Egidi, Daniel Ellsberg, Philippe Mongin, Samuel Hollander
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1st STOREP Annual Conference, Belgirate, 3-4 June 2004
Market and Employment: Lessons from the History of Economics and Future Perspectives
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