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STOREP 2019: Social Activities


Università di Siena, 27-29 June 2019

The Social Rules! Norms, Interaction, Rationality

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Even though the day of the Palio is still to come – the horse race takes place on July 2 -, the city of Siena is already in turmoil. On June 29th there is the “tratta”, the drawing of the lots and the assignment of the horses to each of the Contrades, the districts, and communities the city is divided into: this is considered the initial event of the Palio, intended as the four-day event introducing the actual race.

The social event organized for the Storep 2019 Conference is a walking tour of the town, a journey in the passionate living of the Sienese people and the Contrades preparing for this historical event (which takes place in Piazza del Campo since the sixteenth century). A local guide will fetch booked participants at 2.30 pm outside the Palazzo del Rettorato and let them experience the event through a two-hour walk in the streets of the old town and the esoteric world of the Contrade. 

If interested, please tick the option “Sightseeing tour” in the (PayPal or Bank transfer) form available in the Registration page (payment – around 10 euros per participant – on site).