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STOREP 2023: Social activities

Rethinking Economic Policies:
The Role of the State in the post-Covid-19

20th STOREP Annual Conference, June 15-17, 2023

Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche, Bari, Italy



Journey into the feminine of Bari, from Neolithic Venuses to Goddesses, Queens, Witches, Madonnas.

A dive into the Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica, in a path with an attentive gaze on the feminine, from the Venuses of the Neolithic to the Peucetian representations, to jewels, to the representations of love. From the treatises of Aeschylus to the ghosts of Euripides, where each vase tells a story, a moment of life, of death, of the myth, up to touching the unconscious and the uncontrollable with the Erinyes, the Gorgons, the Masciare.

The feminine that becomes power and culture with the abbesses and then with the architects of the Bari Renaissance, the marvelous and tormented Isabella of Aragon and Bona Sforza, without whom there would be no city as we still live it now and there would not be much of the character of the people of Bari.

After all, to save the city from the Moors first and from the storms after, the Madonnas guarding the walls and the waves, passing through enchanted palaces between lights and shadows and squares with hidden corners that reveal secrets.

The meeting point is in front of the Archaeological Museum of Santa Scolastica, from which you will continue towards Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio, Via Venezia, Strada Palazzo di Città and end in Piazza Mercantile.
Two hours of fascinating stories to rediscover the Soul of the World, who was and always will be a woman.

The price is 10 euros per person. Meeting point: Museo di Santa Scolastica.
Tour: Santa Scolastica – Chiesa diruta di Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio – Corte Annunziata – Largo Maurogiovanni – Quadriportico del Catapano – Strada Palazzo di Città – Piazza Mercantile (about 650 meters).

Associazione Culturale
Sede operativa: Piazza Dell’Odegitria 4 – 70122 BARI