STOREPGrant 2020, Winning recipients

STOREP is pleased to announce that the 2020 STOREP grant of 3,000€ for innovative small-scale research projects is awarded to

Ipek Ilkkaracan and Izaskun Zuazu
The Macroeconomic Underpinnings of Gender Gaps in Political Ideology

The project aims at investigating the macroeconomic determinants of gender gaps in political ideology, contributing to the literature on voting preferences.
The methodology follows an interdisciplinary approach. Theoretically, it accounts for the interactions between economic and political gender inequalities, grounding on institutional and feminist economics.
Empirically, the project estimates the causal effect of individual labour market status and regional-level macroeconomic indicators in political ideology of both women and men in Spain. The activities of the project involve also the definition of a new dataset with information on more than five hundred thousands individuals from 17 Spanish regions during 1993-2019 (CIS Spanish Barometer) and link this data with regional-level macroeconomic indicators. It could be replicated in other countries.
The project is well argued, accurate in references to literature and rigorous from a theoretical and empirical point of view. It deals with a topic of extreme interest in the field of the interdisciplinary/gender approach to economics with innovative methodology, in a clear and effective way, thereby making a valuable contribution to the extant literature. The proponents also clearly detailed how the grant will be used.

We remind STOREP members that submitted proposals have been scrutinized on their quality and relevance by a selection committee composed of three members nominated by the Executive Committee, avoiding any conflict of interest.

Awards recipients committed themselves to publicly illustrate the results of their research by presenting a full paper in the coming STOREP Conference or in the one after that, and to submit it for publication in the STOREPapers Series.

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