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Workshop “V. Chick and G.C. Harcourt. Lives lived against the stream” (London, 12-13 May 2023)


V. Chick and G.C. Harcourt. Lives lived against the stream

12 May 2023 – 13 May 2023

An event organised by The Open Political Economy Group, IKD, The Open University and the History and Methodology of Economic Thought Research Group, Goldsmiths.

This event celebrates the many and diverse contributions that Victoria Chick (1936-2023) and Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (1931-2021) brought to the economics community over their lives. They were both central pillars of the Keynesian and later Post-Keynesian school of thought from its very beginning, and their contributions defined the scope and outlook that this approach to economics came to represent. This two-day event intends to honor their work and many years of service to the community.

Organised by Andrew Trigg and Constantinos Repapis. Funding provided by the Independent Social Research Foundation.

All sessions can be participated online. Please email Constantinos Repapis ( if you would like to receive the relevant MS teams link.


Friday 12th of May
Post-Keynesian Theory and its Future

Session A: Money, Banking and Finance (13:30-14:30)
Chair: James Forder

A core-periphery framework for understanding the place of Latin American economies in the global financial system
Nicole Cerpa Vielma

The Life and Work of Margaret Marie Garritsen de Vries
Christina Laskaridis

Money: from Marx, Keynes, and Hayek to digital
Tomas Rotta

Session B: History, Methodology and Pluralism (15:00-16:00)
Chair: Richard Van Der Berg

Mapping a History of Post-Keynesian Economics in Brazil: Victoria Chick, Geoff Harcourt, and the Power of Intellectual Genealogies
Danielle Guizzo

G.C. Harcourt as student and professor
Jose Bruno Fevereiro

Horses for Courses – keeping methodology open-minded in post-Keynesian economics
Jennifer Churchill

Session C: Capital, Growth and Macroeconomic Behavior (16:45-17:45)
Chair: Ariel Wirkierman

Minsky and the supply conditions of secular financialization
Christian Koutny

The construction of an alternative economic theory: lessons from the Cambridge capital theory controversies and a call for methodological pluralism
Andres Lazzarini

Theories of trade and growth: intrinsic links or possible decoupling?
Pedro Machado

18:15-19:00 Online Memorial Lecture

Chair: Jonathan Perraton

V. Chick and G.C. Harcourt: economics as a moral science
Sheila Dow


Saturday 13th of May
Remembering Vicky and Geoff

9:30-11:30 UK time
Online Participants Roundtable
Constantinos Repapis (Chair)
Stephanie Blankenburg, Mauro Boianovsky, Jayati Ghosh, Wendy Harcourt, Jesper Jespersen, Heinz Kurz

12:00-14:00 UK time
On-site Participants Roundtable
Andrew Trigg (Chair)
Avi Cohen, Daniela Gabor, Maria Christina Marcuzzo, Geoff Tilly, Jan Toporowski, Andy Denis


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