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STOREP session @ the 26th Annual ESHET Conference


STOREP session at the 26th Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET), HEC, Liège, Belgium, 2 June 2023 (“Fifteen years after the Global Financial Crisis: Recessions and Business Cycles in the History of Economic Thought”)

Session: D5
Different Perspectives on US Economic Debates in the 20th Century (STOREP session)
Chairperson: Paolo Paesani, Università Roma Tor Vergata

Walking down a narrow path
Paolo Paesani, Antonella Palumbo
Presenter: Antonella Palumbo, Università Roma Tre
Discussant: Attilio Trezzini, Università Roma Tre

The debate around the role of the State in promoting economic development
Claudia Sunna
Presenter: Claudia Sunna, Università del Salento
Discussant: Palumbo Antonella, Università Roma Tre

The economics of consumption as a social phenomenon and the debate on the aggregate consumption function
Attilio Trezzini
Presenter: Attilio Trezzini, Università Roma Tre
Discussant: Claudia Sunna, Università del Salento

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