Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

STOREP 2025: Termoli, 12-14 June


We are proud to announce that the 22nd STOREP Annual Conference will occur at

Università degli studi del Molise, Sede di Termoli
on 12-14 June 2025

Antonella Rancan acts as head of the local organization.

Economies and territories from the history of economics perspective

Participants will discuss in particular how economic theories, practices, and developments have shaped and been shaped by geographical regions (and therefore mercantilism and colonial economies, industrial revolution and urbanization, regional economies/economics/economic policies, geographical features and trade networks theories/development theories, but also demography and migration, territories and inequalities, and more).

As always, papers dealing with any aspects of the history of economic thought and the history and methodology of the discipline are welcome.

Organising committee: Angela Ambrosino (STOREP), Nicola Caravaggio (Unimol), Mario Cedrini (STOREP), Maria Cipollina (Unimol), Carlo Lallo (Unimol), Claudio Lupi (Unimol), Monica Meini (Unimol), Filomena Pietrovito (Unimol), Antonella Rancan (Unimol), Giuliano Resce (Unimol), Ilaria Zilli (Unimol)

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