Conference Issues

Since 2015, STOREP publishes a special issue with papers presented at its annual Conference. The issue includes invited lectures and submitted, peer-reviewed papers.

The series includes the Torino 2015, the Catania 2016, the Piacenza 2017 and the Genova 2018 Conference Special issues, all published in the academic journal History of Economic Ideas, as well the Siena 2019 Conference special issue, published in the Review of Political Economy.

Shifting Boundaries. Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity
History of Economic Ideas, 24(3), 2016
STOREP 2015 Special Issue (12th Annual STOREP Conference · Torino, 8-10 June 2015)
Edited by Mario Cedrini and Stefano Fiori

Engines of Growth and Paths of Development in the Minds of Analysts, Policy Makers and Human Beings
History of Economic Ideas, 26(1), 2018
STOREP 2016 Special Issue (13th Annual STOREP Conference · Catania, 23-25 June 2016)
Edited by Maurizio Caserta

Investments, Finance and Instability: Some Nudges from the History of Economic Thought
History of Economic Ideas, 27(1), 2019
STOREP 2017 Special Issue (14th Annual STOREP Conference · Piacenza, 8-10 June 2017)
Edited by Enrico Bellino and Giancarlo Bertocco

Whatever Has Happened to Political Economy?
History of Economic Ideas, 27(3), 2019
STOREP 2018 Special Issue (15th Annual STOREP Conference · Genova, 28-30 June 2018)
Edited by Riccardo Soliani and Mario Morroni

STOREP Symposium (The Social Rules! Norms, Interaction, Rationality”)
Review of Political Economy, 33(2), 2021
STOREP 2019 Special Issue (16th Annual STOREP Conference · Siena, 27-29 June 2019)
Edited by Antonella Stirati and Carlo Zappia

STOREP (2019) Symposium in ROPE