The critical situation of research funding in today’s Europe is simply all too evident. While the European Commission funds large collaborative networks in applied economics, governments facing austerity have drastically reduced their support to small-scale research programmes. As stated in the Association’s Statute, STOREP’s main aim is to promote the diffusion and to deepen the […]


Sub-issue of “History of Economic Ideas” with papers from the STOREP 2016 Conference

Following a tradition initiated last year with the Torino Conference, selected papers focusing on the main topic of the STOREP 2016 Conference will be published in a sub-issue of History of Economic Ideas. The sub-issue will deal with how economies evolve and change through time. Adopting an historical (history-of-ideas) perspective, it wants to investigate, in […]


Collaborazionisti o resistenti. L’accademia ai tempi della valutazione della ricerca

Ma una valutazione massiva della ricerca del tipo REF o VQR serve davvero? E perché gli accademici accettano la retorica dell’eccellenza? La ricerca deve essere solida, non “eccellente”.   Così Alberto Baccini (Ordinario di Economia politica presso il Dipartimento di Economia politica e statistica dell’Università di Siena, membro della Redazione di Roars ed ex Presidente […]


13th Annual STOREP Conference: the program

The program (update: June 17th) of the 13th Annual STOREP Conference (Catania, 23-25 June 2016) is now available online. The document includes both the Conference general program and papers presented in parallel sessions (with discussants and sessions chairs). To download it, visit the Conference web page on the STOREP website.

19th Summer School on History of Economic Thought, Economic Philosophy and Economic History19th Summer School on History of Economic Thought, Economic Philosophy and Economic History

“Radical changes and transitions: economics and its relations with other disciplines” (Cargèse, 5-10 September 2016) The Summer School is open to PhD students and young scholars (PhD degree after January 2015) from the fields of History of Economic Thought, Economic Philosophy and Economic History. Approximately 20 proposals will be selected for presentation. Four to six […]


Academics in Italy have boycotted assessment. What has it achieved?

Many Italians have refused to take part in the country’s research assessment exercise. Alberto Baccini and Giuseppe De Nicolao consider the protest’s impact [The article, (co)authored by STOREP former President, Alberto Baccini, has originally appeared on Times Higher Education, 21 April 2016, and is available at:]. Alberto Baccini and Giuseppe De Nicolao* UK academics […]

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XIII Annual STOREP Conference – Catania, 23-25 June 2016

The 13th Annual STOREP Conference will be held at the University of Catania on June 23-25, 2016. The title of the conference will be “Engines of growth and paths of development in the minds of analysts, policy makers and human beings”. All relevant information about the conference are posted on this website.


ESHET “Research Grants” 2015 to STOREP members

The European Society for the History of Economic Thought has just announced winners (and research projects) of the 2015 “Research Grants”, financed by ESHET itself. All research teams of granted projects include STOREP members (in bold): ESHET GRANT (for research projects on any topic on the history of economic thought, funded from the ESHET budget). […]


STOREP 2015 CONFERENCE Special issue of “History of Economic Ideas”

As stated in the call for papers of the STOREP 2015 Conference, selected papers on the main topic of the conference will be published in a special issue of History of Economic Ideas. The special issue is titled «Shifting Boundaries: Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity» after the title of the Conference itself. […]

Pic STOREPapers 5 2015

New STOREPaper, 5 2015

Our Working papers series, STOREPapers (recenty indexed on RePEc, click here), now includes the article that won the STOREP 2015 Prize. STOREPapers WP 5 2015 Cléo CHASSONNERY-ZAÏGOUCHE, “Crossing Boundaries, Displacing Previous Knowledge and Claiming Superiority: Is the Economics of Discrimination a Conquest of Economics Imperialism?” Becker’s work on discrimination is commonly viewed as one of […]