Agreement with the “Review of Political Economy”, 2019-2021

STOREP is very pleased to inform its members that it has reached an agreement with the Review of Political Economy ( with respect to the publication of selected papers from the next three STOREP annual conferences (beginning in 2019) in the form of a series of symposia.

The Review of Political Economy is a peer-reviewed journal welcoming constructive and critical contributions in all areas of political economy, including the Austrian, Behavioral Economics, Feminist Economics, Institutionalist, Marxian, Post Keynesian, and Sraffian traditions. The Review publishes both theoretical and empirical research, and is also open to submissions in methodology, economic history and the history of economic thought that cast light on issues of contemporary relevance in political economy.

STOREP wishes to thank History of Economic Ideas for a pleasant and successful cooperation over the last years in realizing four special issues with articles from STOREP annual conferences.

The series includes the Torino 2015 and the Catania 2016 Special issues, published respectively in 2016 (“Shifting Boundaries. Economics in the Crisis and the Challenge of Interdisciplinarity”, History of Economic Ideas, 24(3), 2016, edited by Mario Cedrini and Stefano Fiori; and 2018 (“Engines of Growth and Paths of Development in the Minds of Analysts, Policy Makers and Human Beings”, History of Economic Ideas, 26(1), 2018, edited by Maurizio Caserta;

The Piacenza 2017 Conference Special issue is forthcoming, while STOREP is currently working on the Genova 2018 Conference Special Issue.