STOREP 2017 Conference: Raffaelli Lecture


Piacenza, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 8-10 June

The “Raffaelli lecture” is in honour of Tiziano Raffaelli, Full professor of History of Economic Thought at the University of Pisa, an internationally renowned specialist of Alfred Marshall’s economics, a promoter of several research initiatives of political economy, and an active and reputable member of STOREP. Starting from the 14th Annual STOREP Conference, and thanks to the generosity of Manuela Giovannetti, full professor at the University of Pisa and widow of Tiziano Raffaelli, STOREP invites every year an internationally recognized scholar who has led innovative research on Raffaelli’s main interests – from Alfred Marshall’s thought, in particular, to, more generally, industrial economics, evolutionary economics, economic methodology) to hold a one-hour lecture to participants in the main conference. STOREP will broadly disseminate the lecture contents, both on its website and on social media, and eventually on special issues of academic journals with selected articles presented in the Annual Conference.

Marco Dardi

Marco Dardi, full professor of Economics at the University of Florence, will hold the first Raffaelli Lecture. Marco Dardi. Dardi has been Director of the Interuniversity Centre for Game Theory and Applications from 1993 to 2000, and Director of the Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche of the University of Florence. He teaches Micro and Macroeconomics in degree courses and doctoral programs, at both basic and advanced level, as well as Growth, Decision theory and game theory. His current research interests include the history of economic thought (in particular Marshall’s, Pareto’s, and Pantaleoni’s thinking), the mathematization of political economy, the connection between real and financial dynamics.

The lecture is titled “The Pattern/Invention Scheme in Marshallian Economics“.