Renew your membership (or become a member)

It is time to renew your STOREP membership for 2018.

Thanks to your commitment and continued involvement in the Association’s activities, the Italian Association for the History of Political Economy is now a solid and vibrant society, which holds a very successful annual congress and provides its members with an extremely broad range of services and opportunities.

As a member, among other things, you will participate in the Spring elections of the institutional boards, you will have the possibility to apply for the “STOREPgrants” for innovative and accurate small-scale research projects, to submit your paper for a special sub-issue of the prestigious journal History of Economic Ideas with articles selected among those presented at the annual Conference; participate in the Annual Conference at a discounted rate, and enjoy the facilities listed on our website;

Unchanged in over 5 years, the annual membership fees amount to 50 euros only, while the fee for three-year membership is 130€; the annual membership fees for non-tenured researchers under 40 years of age is 20€.

To renew your membership (or become a member), visit this page.