Marshall Sahlins’s “Stone Age Economics”, a Semi-Centenary Estimate

Marshall Sahlins’s “Stone Age Economics”, a Semi-Centenary Estimate
Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Vol. LV 1 – 2021
• Mario Cedrini and Roberto Marchionatti, “Introduction to the Symposium ‘Marshall Sahlins’s “Stone Age Economics”, a Semi-Centenary Estimate’” (pp. 3-10, DOI: 10.26331/1130)
• Chris Gregory, “On the Spirit of the Gift that Is ‘Stone Age Economics’” (pp. 11-34, DOI: 10.26331/1131)
• John M. Gowdy, “Hunter Gatherers and the Crisis of Civilization” (pp. 35-54, DOI: 10.26331/1132)
• Nicholas Xenos, “The Original Affluent Society and the Culture of Scarcity” (pp. 55-70, DOI: 10.26331/1133)
• James G. Carrier, “Sahlins and a Kind of Anthropology” (pp. 71-86, DOI: 10.26331/1134)
• Philippe Chanial and Ilana F. Silber, “Reconciling Spirit and Contract? Marshall Sahlins and the ‘Essai sur le don’” (pp. 87-106, DOI: 10.26331/1135)
• Pol Llopart i Olivella, “From the Continuum of Reciprocities to the Multiplicity of Perspectives. Problematising Sahlins’ Triad into Animist Ontologies” (pp. 107-126, DOI: 10.26331/1136)
• Karen Ho, “The Housewife and the Home: Stone Age Economics and Insights For US (and Global North) Economies” (pp. 127-148, DOI: 10.26331/1137)
• Osvaldo Raggio, “Conjectural History and Empirical Data. A Deep History of the Human Condition” (pp. 149-164, DOI: 10.26331/1138)
• Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde, “Has Money Transformed Our Brains? A Glimpse into Stone-Age Neuroeconomics” (pp. 165-184, DOI: 10.26331/1139)
• Sergio Cesaratto and Stefano Di Bucchianico, “The Surplus Approach, the Polanyian Tradition, and Institutions in Economic Anthropology and Archaeology” (pp. 185-216, DOI: 10.26331/1140)
• Giuseppe Danese, “Divine Kingship in the Firm: Reciprocity, Organizational Culture, and Founder Cults” (pp. 217-236, DOI: 10.26331/1141)
• Veronica Barassi, “David Graeber, Bureaucratic Violence, and the Critique of Surveillance Capitalism” (pp. 237-254, DOI: 10.26331/1142)
• Marshall Sahlins, “Cosmic Economics” (pp. 255-278, DOI: 10.26331/1143)