F. Naz & D. Bögenhold, “Unheard Voices Women, Work and Political Economy of Global Production” (Palgrave, 2020)

F. Naz & D. Bögenhold
Unheard Voices Women, Work and Political Economy of Global Production
Palgrave, 2020

This book explores the restructuring of the labour market and the opportunities that have resulted from economic globalization. The historical, political, geographical, and social relationships that female workers have had within the production process and the politics of work are examined to provide an understanding of the positioning of women within the global production system and the international division of employment.

Unheard Voices: Women, Work and Political Economy of Global Production aims to give the reader an understanding of new workplace arrangements and the changing gendered patterns of work. The book is relevant to those interested in labour economics, the political economy, and gender studies.

Farah Naz is Assistant Professor at the University of Sargodha, Pakistan. Some recurring themes in her research are industrial relations, gender, labour market, CSR and globalization.

Dieter Bögenhold is Professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics at Alpen-Adria-University at Klagenfurt, Austria. His research focuses primarily on the history of economic thought, consumption and economic sociology, globalization, social stratification and inequality and entrepreneurship research.

“The authors have written a must-read book for anyone interested in what they call the “unheard voices” of the global economy. It is a fascinating book that deals with a neglected perspective on the political economy of global production. Deep, exciting, and refreshingly realistic.”— Panayotis G. Michaelides, Professor of Political Economy, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
“Farah Naz and Dieter Bögenhold provide a provocative and very timely critique of a world of work long hidden in plain sight. Unheard Voices: Women, Work and Political Economy of Global Production is impressive in its depth of breadth and scope. The confronting nature of the issues raised will promote both deep thought and a desire for action.”— Tui McKeown, Professor at Monash University, Australia
“The book by Farah Naz and Dieter Bögenhold is a wonderful book, which puts together different topics to create a unique synthesis of perspectives on globalization, female work and inequality.”— Peter Lund-Thomsen, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Table of contents (8 chapters)
Introduction: Political Economy of Globalization
Pages 1-17
Transformation of Labour Market and Gender Patterns of Work
Pages 19-44
Homeworkers in Global Supply Chains: Issues and Controversies
Pages 45-73
CSR and Home-Based Work: Conceptualizing Social Responsibility in Global Market Economy
Pages 75-95
Dilemmas of Corporate Responsibility in a Globalized World: Empirical Evidences from Global Football Industry
Pages 97-122
Home-Based Work and Political Economy of Global Football Production Organization
Pages 123-156
Unheard Voices: Globalization Stories from Invisible Margins
Pages 157-179
What Lessons Did We Learn?
Pages 181-194