STOREP at the Festival for New Economic Thinking

STOREP at the Festival for New Economic Thinking

The very first Festival for New Economic Thinking will take place on 19-20 Oct 2017 in Edinburgh (Scotland) prior to the INET 2017 Conference, taking place from 21-23 Oct 2017.

The Festival brings together organizations and individuals that seek to improve the way economics is taught, studied, and practiced. It provides a forum to share ideas and resources with students, academics, and the wider public.

With content from many organizations within the same large event space, participants can explore exhibits, watch screenings, take part in workshops, and learn from inspiring speakers. Actively celebrating and embracing different perspectives and schools of economic thought, the Festival for New Economic Thinking aims to provide fertile ground for the future of economics.



STOREP events 

Friday 20 OCT 12:30 – 14:30

Why Do Economists Need History of Economic Thought?

Storep proposes a round table about the importance of HET in understanding and studying economics and promoting a scientific debate between contending paradigms. The session will explore why and how HET can help research to gain more awareness of diversity in approaches to economics ideas and problems.

Antonella Stirati
Full Professor of Economics, Roma Tre University
Short Bio
Antonella Stirati is currently professor of Economics at Roma Tre University. She studied economics at the University of Siena (laurea in Scienze Economiche), Cambridge UK (M.Phil degree) and La Sapienza (PhD). Her research interests are in the development of the Classical-Keynesian approach, particularly in the fields of output and employment determination, income distribution, and unemployment. She wrote a book on The Theory of Wages in Classical Economics (Elgar, 1994), co-edited the three-volumes collection Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory, (Palgrave-macmillan, 2013) and published a number of articles in academic journals and collected volumes. Her article on Inflation, Unemployment and Hysteresis has been selected as one of the best 25 articles published in the Review of Political Economy since the journal was first issued. She is also active in scientific popularization and intervenes in public debates on current issues. She co-edits the on-line journal Economia e politica.

Giulia Zacchia
Research fellow, Sapienza University of Rome
Short Bio
Giulia Zacchia is research fellow in economics at the Department of Statistics of Sapienza University of Rome, where she collaborates with Minerva – Laboratory on Gender Diversity and Gender Inequality ( She holds a PhD in History of Economic Thought from the University of Macerata (Italy). Her research interests extend to social and financial inclusion in a gender perspective, but also cover gender gaps in academia, in particular in economics. She has worked with Fondazione Risorsa Donna on women’s empowerment, financial literacy and microfinance. She is one of the coordinators of the Working Group on Gender Economics for the Young Scholars Initiative INET. She is also a member of the Gender Equality Committee of the Italian Economic Association (SIE).

Maria Bach   
PhD Candidate, King’s College London
Short Bio
Maria Bach is currently finishing her PhD at King’s College London in the fields of History of Economic Thought and International Political Economy. Her thesis analyses how Indian Political Economists constructed an idea of development at the turn of the 19th century. During her PhD, Bach has taught International Political Economy and the CORE economics curriculum at King’s College London and Economic History at LSE, where she is also pursuing a post-graduate certificate in higher education. Previously, she was a consultant at the OECD, in Paris, for two years working on a project entitled New Approaches to Economic Challenges. Bach completed her Masters of Science in Development Economics in 2012 at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and her Bachelors of Arts in International Economics and Applied Mathematics at the American University of Paris in 2011.

Moreover… STOREP collaborated with Rethinking Economics Torino in creating a survey – “History of Economic Thought among Young Economists” – to be presented and circulated at the Festival.

Rethinking Economics Torino

Speaker(s): J. Christopher Proctor
RE Torino has some big plans! We’re working on developing an online platform for economics students to publish their work, are planning to run a big survey of Italian economics students, and are hoping to use text mining software to analyze economics textbooks.

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