STOREP 2021-24: Election Results

We are pleased to announce the STOREP 2021-24 election results.
The online election polls were open from Monday April 12th, to Saturday April 24th.
Active STOREP members could vote for up to three candidates in the Executive Committee, and up to three candidates for Auditors.
We express our gratitude to candidates and voters, and congratulate newly-elected and re-elected members.

Enrico Bellino

Angela Ambrosino

Executive Committee
Mario Cedrini
Carlo Cristiano
Mario Morroni
Paolo Paesani
Antonella Palumbo
Eleonora Sanfilippo
Giulia Zacchia

Young Scholars Representative
Oleksandra Sokolenko

Board of Auditors
Riccardo Pariboni
Enrico Petracca
Rodolfo Signorino

Each will serve a three-year term, beginning on June 17, 2021, during the Annual STOREP Conference.