Make a difference. Become a STOREP member

The time has come for a new beginning.
STOREP reaches 18 and comes of age (according to the Italian law) this year.

The Association is now an international entity (as illustrated by the ever-increasing number of non-Italian members) widely recognized as a lively, authoritative, and influential forum, with a community of more than 200 scholars working in the history of economic thought and the history of economics, or in the heterodox tradition.

By becoming member within April 9:

  • you will be eligible to vote (instructions will reach you shortly by email) for a new President, a new Secretary-general, and to choose the Executive Committee members and the Auditors of the Accounts from a list of several candidates (young scholars will vote for their Representative in a separate ballot);
  • you will be able to submit your proposal and participate (or to participate without presenting) in the annual STOREP Conference (“Law and Economics: History, Institutions, Public Policies”; online Conference, Università dell’Insubria, 17-18 June 2021) without any additional costs;

Become a member now. The regular fee for the annual membership is 60€; 30€ for non-tenured researchers under 40 years of age. The fee for three-year membership is 150€. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

Make a difference. Be part of a new STOREP.