International conference “The socio-economic impact of technological change” (Rome, 29-30 November 2018)

The International Conference ‘The socio-economic impact of technological change. Theory, empirics and policies’ to be held in INAPP – Auditorium, Corso d’Italia 33 (Rome) – next 29 and 30th of November 2018.

The Conference aims at gathering high-level scholars and policy makers to discuss the current transformation affecting the labour market. The focus is on the socio-economic impact of technological change, namely the impact that current technological transformations are determining on employment, income distribution and socio-political preferences.

The two-days conference is organized in four sessions. The first day (29 Nov) is organized in two sessions. In the morning, there will be the presentation of the book ‘Work in the digital age’ with contributions by Florian Ranft, Max Neufeind, Sean O’Rien and Carlotta De Franceschi. The afternoon’s session will focus on frontier-research regarding the impact of technological change on socio-political preferences. Speakers will include Marius Busemeyer, Aina Gallego, Dario Guarascio, Stefano Sacchi and Zachary Parolin.

The second day (30 Nov)’s morning will host a high-level discussion on the relationship between technological change employment and income distribution. The panel will include prominent scholars as Alan Manning, Christian Vom Lehn, Enrique Fernandez-Macias, Mario Pianta, Ernst Ekkehard and Marco Vivarelli. The afternoon will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of empirical papers exploring the relationship between technology, employment and income distribution with contributions by INAPP, OECD, ISTAT, Eurofound, Bank of Italy and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

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