Economists and Economics in Italy during Fascism

International Conference

Pisa, Congress Centre “Le Benedettine”
December 13-14, 2018

Call for Papers
The Department of Economics and Management and the Interuniversity Centre for Documentation on Italian Economic Thought (CIPEI) of the University of Pisa, organize a conference on “Economists and Economics in Italy during Fascism”. The aim of the conference is to draw the attention of scholars to a historical period in which economics is confronted with epochal changes between the decline of the nineteenth-century State and the birth of different economic systems. In an attempt to account for both the synchronic specificities and the diachronic continuity of an era that has marked contemporary Italy, the conference aims to explore a wide range of topics, including the history of facts and institutions that have most influenced the formation of economic knowledge, the scientific biographies of the main economists, the relationship between economics and politics, the spread of the Keynesian paradigm, the birth of econometrics, the main themes of debate, such as the investigation of market forms, the explanation of cyclical dynamics and crises, the intervention of the State in the economy, corporatism and so on.
During the conference a special session will be reserved to the presentation of the final results of the Research Project “Italian Economics under Fascism: an institutional profile” (2017-2018), which analyses the role of academic and non-academic institutions in the formation and circulation of economic ideas in Italy focusing attention on some questions that appear crucial such as the role played by economics in creating the “new order” or the relationships between “redeemed” and “unredeemed” economists among many others. In order to create an opportunity for open and interdisciplinary discussion among historians of economics, economists and economic historians, we kindly invite scholars to submit a paper proposal, sending a title and abstract (150 words) to:
The DEADLINE for submissions is July 31, 2018

Scientific Committee: Massimo M. Augello, Fabrizio Bientinesi, Giuseppe Conti,
Riccardo Faucci, Nicola Giocoli, Marco Guidi, Daniela Manetti, Luca Michelini.

Organising committee: Giulia Bianchi, Elisa Cacelli, Marco Cini, Carlo Cristiano,
Francesca Dal Degan, Daniela Giaconi, Letizia Pagliai, Raffaella Sprugnoli.

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