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“Keynes nel pensiero di Fausto Vicarelli”: JPKE, special issue

The latest issue (41, 1, 2018) of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics hosts three essays presented at a conference “Keynes nel pensiero di Fausto Vicarelli” held in Rome on the 25th of November, 2016 in commemoration of Vicarelli’s continued influence on economics thirty years after his accidental death at age 50. Editorial Editors’ Introduction […]

“Classical Economics Today – Essays in Honour of Alessandro Roncaglia” (ed. by M. Corsi, J. Kregel and C. D’Ippoliti)

Classical Economics Today. Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia Edited by Marcella Corsi, Jan Kregel and Carlo D’Ippoliti Anthem Press ISBN 9781783087501 January 2018 | 274 Pages “Classical Economics Today: Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia” is a collection of essays that investigates and applies the method and principles of Classical political economy to current issues of economic […]