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“Alternative Approaches to the Building of Economic Dynamics in the Years of High Theory”

December 18-19, 2009


Michael Assous

Early Static Keynesian Models and the Emergence of Endogenous Cycle Theories: an Appraisal of Meade’s Model (1937)

Michel De Vroey, Pierre Malgrange

From The Keynesian Revolution  to the Klein-Goldberger Model: Klein and the Dynamization of Keynesian Theory

Massimo Di Matteo

Economic Dynamics as a Succession of Equilibria: The Path Travelled by Morishima

Franco Donzelli

Hicks on Walrasian Equilibrium in the 1930s and Beyond

Marji Lines

Bifurcation Scenarios in a Heterogeneous Agent, Multiplier-Accelerator Model

Ronny Mazzocchi, Roberto Tamborini, Hans-Michael Trautwein

The Two Triangles: What did Wicksell and Keynes know about macroeconomics that modern economists do not (consider)?

Ferdinando Meacci

The Disappointment of Expectations: The Years of High Theory versus the Years of Rational Expectations

Alfredo Medio

Equilibrium and Stability in Economic Dynamics

Luca Pensieroso

Real Business Cycle Models of the Great Depression

Mario Pomini

The idea of dynamic equilibrium in the interwar period

Goulven Rubin

Hicks et l'Úconomie de la dÚpression

Alessandro Vercelli, Serena Sordi

Genesis and evolution of the multiplier-accelerator model in the years of high theory

Paolo Trabucchi

Alcune note su di un invito alla "dinamica" nella teoria pura degli anni trenta (e sulla rilevanza di ci˛ per l'evoluzione della teoria neoclassica)

Gianfranco Tusset

Going back to the origins of econophysics: Luigi Amoroso


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